New Pallet Expense

Due to a dramatic increase in the cost of our pallets we purchase for lots, we will begin to pass on a pallet expense. In the past we absorbed the cost and included the pallet with the item purchases. However, the cost has become a large amount to absorb so unfortunately, we have decided to include a $10 pallet fee to the individual lots with 40”x48” pallets.
In the Past we have always purchased tractor trailers loads of pallets, however we have also decided to now purchase them from anyone that brings them into our yard. At this time, we are only purchasing one size pallets, we simply do not use other size pallets. We are purchasing “standard sized” pallets that are 40” wide by 48” Deep. We are paying $10 per piece, and they must be in usable condition. We understand the pallets will not be new and we will accept weathered pallets. Our team will not accept pallets that are rotted our damaged. Please understand this is a purchase, not a credit and all pallets brought to our facility will receive a check payment, not a purchase credit or cash.
For any questions please feel free to reach out to us at 607-865-6951.

Thank you,
Lambrecht Auction