Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been to an online Auction. What do I do?

First timers, don’t be intimidated! It’s really quite simple and a fun and exciting way to purchase items at low prices!

First, you need to create an online account. On select the "login/new bidder" tab, select the new bidder tab on the pop up window. Enter an active email and confirm that email. Click check email. Fill in all fields on the "Tell us about yourself" page. Choose an ID and Password and check the boxes for the account options you desire. Create your account, a successful account creation dialogue box will pop up once all fields are filled in.

*You have successfully created an account. You will be required to register and accept the terms and conditions of each Auction separately in order to bid on the Auction lots. You can watch a lot without registering for the Auction but you will be required to register for the Auction if you wish to bid on the lot.*

How do I register to bid on an Auction?

First make sure that you are signed into your account. Click the white "Bid Online" tab next to the Auction you are interested in, this will take you to the main page for that Auction. You will see 3 gray boxes under the Auction, select the tab that says "register". To add your credit card information, click the gray box that says, "Add a Payment Method". After you create the account, the credit card information will save and you will not have to enter it again to register for future auctions. Fill in all fields, Save, and return to registration. Read through our Terms and Conditions and check the box agreeing to those terms. Submit your registration and you should now be able to bid on your desired lots. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Can I look at the items before I bid?

Every month we do have a preview at our location in Sidney, NY for 2-days before our monthly Sidney Auction closes. The preview is usually on the Friday and Monday from 9am to 6pm. This time may slightly change around the holiday time. Under each Auction you can click the "Preview" icon on the right hand side for specific dates and times. Previews are not available at the satellite locations

What are my shipping options?

Per our terms and conditions we do not provide shipping. You are responsible to make your own shipping arrangements. If you would like to explore shipping options we do refer our customers to If you do hire a trucking company they can only pickup items at our Sidney, NY location. You will also need to notify us of your shipping arrangements and ensure that we get a copy of the Bill of Lading (BOL).

How does bidding work?

The Auction starts to close at 7pm. The Building Material Auctions have a 10 second closing stagger between consecutive lots. This feature is intended for bidders to follow multiple lots with ease. The first lot typically closes at 7pm and the following will close 10 seconds after that and this continues throughout the entire Auction closing time.

If bid is placed within 2 minutes or less on the lot that is closing the countdown clock will reset to exactly 2 minutes. Once the counter has completed the final 2 minutes with no bid, the lot will close and be sold.

Some items are "linked" together. This means that all of the lots linked in the same group will operate on the same counter and will close at the same time. If a bid is extended on one item in the linked group it is extended on all. The lot will appear on the catalog page and look like this: "Linked-10." Example: the five cabinets are linked, so if anyone bids on ANY cabinet set within the final 2 minutes, bidding on ALL five cabinets will be extended by 2 minutes. This feature is advantageous to bidders because it replicates a live choice situation. The benefit to a buyer with this tool is to ensure that they get all the lots in the group they desire, or if they are out bid on one preferred lot they have the time to bid on the second lot of preference.

How are items sold?

Items are sold by a unit price multiplied by the quantity for a total purchase price. Example: 48 pc x $2=$96. Some items are sold by piece, square foot, linear foot, square, etc. so please pay close attention.

What is a Satellite Location?

A Satellite location is another location, besides our Sidney, NY location, that we rent out for a 2-day period that allows customers to pick up their items. We do not own these locations and we do not store items at these locations.

How do I make an appointment?

If you go into your profile on and click on invoices you will pull up your invoice. From there, at the bottom of your invoice there is a blue link to simply book me. If you click that link it will take you directly to the days and times we have available. For Satellite locations it will ask which location you would like to pick up at. Just click which location and then it will show which days and times are still available. Time slots do fill up fast so our advise would be make your appointment as quickly as possible. You can also call us here at the office and we would be more than willing to help walk you through the steps your first time doing this.

How do I pay for my items?

As soon as you win an item(s) an invoice will be created under your account. You can click on "Pay Invoice".

NOTE: Unfortunately you can't pay for invoices at the Satellite locations. In order for your items to be shipped to a Satellite location for pickup your invoice MUST be paid before the Auction deadline. If it's not your items will not be shipped to that location.

What if I decide I don't want my items?

You are responsible for paying for ALL items that are purchased under your account. Per our terms and conditions we do not delete any items or invoices. If you do not want your items you can pay your invoice and we can put them on consignment for you. If you put your item(s) on consignment we will resell your item(s) in a future Auction and when your item(s) sell we will mail you a check. The check will be for what the item sold for minus a 20% fee.

How long do I have to pickup my items?

You should pickup you items within the Auction time frame. However if something is preventing you from picking up in the proper time frame please call us and we will see what options are available. If you do not pickup your items and you do not contact us to make arrangements we will put them on consignment if they are still at our location 2-weeks after the Auction closes. Unfortunately we have limited warehouse space and we aren't able to hold onto items for a long period of time. If your item is under $50 we will not consign it. It will be considered an abandoned item and you will have forfeited it.

How do I become tax-exempt?

You need to send us the form ST-120/ST-125 via mail or bring it into our office. The name and address associated with the invoice must be the same name and address associated with the tax exempt form. The tax exempt form is needed before you make payment.