Building Material Liquidation Auctions

Please email our office with any requests for information that you would like to know more about specifically as it pertains to wholesale building material auctions.

Why buy Building Materials at an Auction?

Simply–to save money! Overall most items sold at Auction are at a drastic reduction to what you would pay at retail. One can save lots of money on renovations and projects. Also because you name your own price. If you only want to pay “x” amount of dollars- you CAN!

Where do these items come from?

Our building material liquidation items are new, quality materials unless noted. They come from distributors who manage surplus inventory, personal consignors, & direct from manufacturers.  The product may be auctioned because it has partial damage, be discontinued, surplus, excess, weathered, insurance, seconds and many other reasons. Call Lambrecht Auction for wholesale kitchen cabinets, flooring liquidation, lumber liquidation and more!

How are Items Sold?

There is no one definitive answer for this. TYPICALLY, as a general guideline:


– sold by the square


– sold by the square

Beams, Composite Decking, Moulding, & Steel

– sold by the Linear Foot


– sold by the square foot: hardwood flooring and laminate flooring


– sold by the set

Doors, Tools, Lumber, Plywood, Luan, etc.

– sold by the piece


– by the sheet or roll

**SOME items can be broken down into smaller quantities. Many are already packaged in pre-determined quantities that cannot be divided. The Auctioneer will let you know how it is going to be sold. This is a general guideline ONLY and not written in stone – please pay attention to the Auctioneer when the item you are interested comes up to be auctioned off.