About Us

Lambrecht Auction, Inc. has been a traditional Auction company since 1958.  We have sold real estate, antiques, construction & farm equipment, tools, firearms, business liquidations, and more.  In 2010 we began developing a niche business of Building Material Auctions.  In these Auctions we sell items such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, lumber, roofing, plywood, tools, and much more.  We have grown to a staff of 30 full time people.  We now operate out of the former Elmer’s Glue Factory in Bainbridge, NY.  This facility consists of a 48,000 sf warehouse on 20 acres.  We relocated our business to this facility in 2016 and it has offered us great opportunity to grow.  We still see major potential in this business.  We operate a unique niche and there are not many others in the country that offer what we do.  We have already grown to be one of the leading Building Material Auction Companies in the US and believe we have a large growth opportunity still to come.

Tony Lambrecht Auctioneer

  • Graduated from the Reisch American School of Auctioneering in 1958
  • Conducted numerous dairy cattle and other auctions on site and at permanent facilities in Trout Creek and Walton
  • Built our Auction Facility near Walton in 1975
  • Tony passed away unexpectedly in 1983. He left behind a legacy of honesty, fair dealing, and always living up to his word that we still honor and cherish every day.

Dale Lambrecht Auctioneer

  • NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Member Of NAA, NYSAA, PAA
  • 1998 NYSAA Bid Calling Champion
  • 2006 NYSAA Hall of Fame Award
  • NYSAA Past President
  • Past Member of NYSAA Board of Directors
  • Graduate of CAI

Jared Lambrecht Auctioneer

  • NY, WY, & MT Licensed Real Estate Broker
  • Member of NAA, NYSAA, PAA
  • Past Member of NYSAA Board of Directors
  • Current Vice-President of NYSAA 2017
  • Graduate of AARE
  • Graduate of GPPA