Special Projects/Assistant Position

Special Projects & Assistant Position

The Special Projects position will work closely with the owner and leadership team to help achieve company projects that fall outside the scope of regular job duties. This position helps to develop efficiencies for our company and helps learn new tools to teach to the team. The Special Projects Position uses creativity, vision, and inventiveness to produce positive outcomes for each project. Special Projects is responsible for researching and learning solutions to issues within all aspects of the company.  We are looking for individuals who bring a positive and friendly attitude. Another essential part of performing this role is to work closely with the other teams at our facility to relay the necessary information they need to accomplish their responsibilities. These are all things that we will train to someone with the right attributes. The Assistant role helps keep the owner organized.

Scope of Responsibilities

This candidate will be responsible for organizing company data. This individual must have the ability to juggle multiple projects at the same time and still be effective. Each Project has a completely different goal and belongs to different teams throughout the company. There are many steps that the Special Projects position performs to keep the flow going. We are constantly tweaking and changing how we do things in search of improvement of our processes. In one day, the Special Projects position is involved in many different projects. Some people will find it confusing and overwhelming at times.

 Routine Tasks  

  • Manage different projects to help improve the business     
  • Troubleshoot obstacles in workflow    
  • Maintain Monday.com      
  • Coordinate internal logistics      
  • Update and support company workstreams   
  • Creatively provide solutions to improve the business    
  • Research any needs    
  • Problem-solve 
  • Interact with coworkers often
  • Help the owner organize schedule, calendar, phone calls and messages, email, contacts meetings, travel, and other random solutions
  • Set-up multifaceted appointments    
  • Organize notes    
  • Strong planning abilities

Desired Experience

  • Strong computer skills
  • Strong organizational and logistical skills
  • Experience with Monday.com or the willingness to learn
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel is a must
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Experience working with teams

Desired Attributes

  • Can work with distractions
  • Friendly/Positive attitude
  • Customer service skills
  • Able to work as a team player
  • Get it done mentality
  • Complete tasks timely
  • reliable
  • Excited to learn
  • Super organized
  • Personable
  • Able to work in a high paced environment
  • Stong people person
  • Legible handwriting
  • Adaptable
  • Expectations

To be successful in this team, you will have to be a good communicator, have a strong positive attitude, and be willing to hustle. You need to be capable of accomplishing assignments and not be sensitive to criticism. We are looking for people committed to ending their day by finishing daily goals rather than punching a time clock. We have invested a lot in our team by hiring good people, and now we are looking for good people to complement our team.

Day to Day with Us

A typical workday begins at 8 am and ends at 4:30 pm with a ½ hour lunch. Because we are a deadline business, we sometimes have to stay late to finish work to meet our deadline or cash out the Auction. The team typically works a five-day week. There are occasional weekends to meet a deadline or if there is a live Auction. We operate in a fast-paced environment, which is difficult for some, but others get excited about the hustle.