Soft Close Change

To speed up our Auction, we will be changing how we operate our soft close feature. Currently, the feature is set so that once the closing time counts down to 3 minutes or less, any bid that is placed will add an additional 3 minutes to the closing time (e.g., counter is at 2:35 + 3 minutes = reset of 5:35 minutes until closing).
With our new change if a bid is placed within 2 minutes or less of the lot closing the countdown clock will reset to exactly 2 minutes, it will not add an additional 2 minutes. Now that bid placed at 2:35 left won’t reset the counter, but if the counter was at 1:35 and a bid was placed, the counter will be set to 2 minutes exactly rather than adding 3 minutes.
Our logic with making this change is twofold. One, we think this may help speed up the total closing time of the Auction. Second, we know bidders get frustrated waiting for an item to count down to close and then someone places a last second bid and now the counter adds an additional 3 minutes, and they have to wait again. We believe this will help with that frustration. If you are bidding on multiple items, be aware that this will close the auction on extended items faster and you will have less time to run up and down the screen. You may want to enter pre-bids accordingly.
We invite customer feedback good or bad on this to help us gauge if it is working the way we hoped and is beneficial to the customer.
For any questions please feel free to reach out to us at 607-865-6951.
Thank you,
Lambrecht Auction