Team Manager


We are looking for a Support Manager to join our leadership team. This candidate will have strong leadership skills and be capable of coaching, driving, and managing a team. They will be the direct contact for the support team. This team helps the operations and the productivity of the company overall. Our support team consists of the following: marketing, finance, team building, maintenance, and special projects. To succeed in this role, the Support Manager must have a general understanding of those functions to guide the team toward accomplishing tasks and goals. They need to be able to problem solve and lead others to get things done. The Support Manager needs to set team priorities, create tracking analytics to monitor the team’s success, and oversee routine processes and reporting. They should be able to pull together multiple metrics, analyze them, and bring them all together. The Support Manager must be comfortable with various marketing campaigns and platforms, and be great with numbers and Excel, as well as KPIs and finance reports. They must be strong at guiding the team through a project to completion. Attention to detail is a high necessity. It is imperative this person has the natural traits to take the lead and steer the team with limited information and knowledge.  

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Manage, coach, and lead the support team
  • Monitor routine reporting, KPI, Scorecards, Financials, and Marketing results
  • Meet regularly with the leadership team
  • Provide leadership with data weekly, monthly, and annually
  • Hire good people that fit core values
  • Conduct meetings and prepare itineraries
  • Maintain culture
  • Manage systems and processes
  • Drive core values and purpose
  • Gather financial information for monthly review
  • Implement thorough training

Desired Attributes

  • Strong analytical skills & data-driven
  • Ability to motivate, inspire and drive teams to results
  • Highly organized, not a procrastinator
  • Always be learning and teaching
  • Effective leader
  • Great with numbers
  • Really good with Excel
  • Growth minded
  • Extremely technology savvy and comfortable with changes
  • Hold individuals accountable
  • Effective at delegating
  • Highly accountable
  • Driven
  • Systematic and structured
  • Good at documentation
  • Active self-development
  • Adaptable
  • Attention to detail


To succeed in this role, a candidate must have strong perseverance to take on projects and lead others to complete them efficiently. They should be self-driven with a well-rounded understanding of marketing, finance, recruiting, and culture. We need this candidate to constantly be learning and encouraging the team to learn. Strong leadership will be necessary for maintaining a support team that can effectively implement ideas into action with measurable results. One important aspect of this position is keeping weekly leadership meetings on track and routinely bringing data and information to the meetings. A growth-minded individual who can get things done. We continue to invest a lot in our team by hiring the best people we can. 

Day-to-Day with Us

Much of the day will be spent on meeting with the team and giving them the tools to succeed while contributing to the processes and projects. It is our goal to create an environment where we can be comfortable with our coworkers, but still, get our work done. There will also be regular meetings to build strategies, assess campaign performance, analyze results, and put it all into action. This is a salary position and how well the individual manages their team will determine the total number of hours they work.


Our Purpose

Provide customers with cost savings and by being a solution for vendors.

Our Niche: Buying and selling opportunity inventory- fair and honest.

Our Core Values

  1. Do the right thing when no one is looking
  2. Get-R-Done r’s
  3. No ego, no drama
  4. Attention to details
  5. Transform problems into solutions