RS Prussia China * Antiques & Collectibles

RS Prussia China * Antiques & Collectibles

Catalog is roughly as follows: Lots 1-157 Marked RS Prussia    ~    Lots 158-172 Marked RS Germany    ~    Lots 173-255 Unmarked china mostly of the Rheinhold Schlegelmilch molds     ~    Lots 256-271 assorted china & glass    ~    Lots 272-283 Metal Perfume bottles & dresser dishes    ~    Lots 284-311 Open Salts collection    ~    Lots 312-336 Misc.    ~    Lots 337-423 Goebel Collectibles & Hummel figurines.  Lots 424-463 Trains (All HO unless specified otherwise)   ~    Lots 464-484 Jewelry   ~    Lots 537-664 Antique Furniture & Collectibles   ~   Lots 665-738 Sports Cards & Memorabilia

Some items with the lids have been described that the lids are fastened to the base. This was done with some sort of putty that looks similar to what teachers used to use to fasten papers to the wall. Over the years it has hardened, and we didn't try to remove the lids for fear of damaging them. We think that with heat or water, it could probably be softened.

Preview: Monday January 3rd 9am – 4:30pm

Pick-up: Friday, January 7th 9am - 5pm and Saturday January 8th 9am - Noon at our Bainbridge Auction Facility.

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